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“To support it would be contrary to the philosophy Leak droid and phone reviews own,”he said.

Two central figures Leak droid and phone reviews, Megawati and Jokowi, present with barking at a tree planting ceremony at the edge of the Ciliwung River in Condet, East Jakarta. Megawati did not forget to share the story of when he first became president.

“When I am president, said the fad Betawi people say, I ordered the actual swatch where the Ciliwung springs. Was a question in an hour easily and assisted technology can be known,”said Mega bark after planting in soil conservation Heritage Phala, Condet, Sunday ( 11/10/2013 ) afternoon.

But Mega ‘s question unanswered until a month old. Mega searching for the answer instead of bureaucrats but he told residents to word of mouth each other wondering where the Ciliwung springs.”The eyes of the water in the Mega Chance, precisely in West Java,”said Mega later.