E-Waste Stats

From organization to consumer electronic devices that the market is constantly altering, do you ever think about what happens to your “E-Waste” when you upgrade?


Here are some statistics:

In 2014 the United States produced roughly 11.7 million tons of e-waste. By the end of 2018, that number is anticipated to increase by 49.8 million.

Presently, only 15% -20% of e-waste is recycled.

E-Waste comprises a minimum of 70% of the world’s overall toxic waste, and is properly recycled the least out of all other waste streams, and has the most negative results on our world.


Electronic Devices Recycling R2 Certified.

Companies and consumers alike update their devices for a variety of reasons, and this is not the main issue for recyclers. What’s essential is where you choose to send your old devices. In fact, where electronic components are ending up is the issue. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) highly advises using an R2 certified recycler when disposing of e-waste. Here are a couple of benefits of using an R2 certified electronics recycler:

The benefits provided by R2 recycling include the reduction in the effects of improper recycling to the environment and human health, increased access to reusable and reconditioned equipment, and reduction in energy intake and other environmental issues associated with the manufacturing of the gadgets.

R2 certification is not only concerned with the damage of data, but also with steps to safeguard human health and the environment. 


Non-Certified Recyclers Practices.

For Electronics Recycling, R2 certification is extremely essential. Here is what could happen if you deal with a non-certified electronics recycler.


Sustainable Practices.

With Global E-Waste expected to strike 49.8 billion loads by 2018, we hope to discover more sustainable electronic device recycling methods. 


Electronic Devices Recycling Tampa.

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This post was written by Steven Elia Co-Founder and Recycling Director at eCycle Florida. eCycle Florida is a R2 Certified electronics recycling company in the state of Florida. Our processes and procedures are dedicated to the proper destruction and recycling of your electronics. eCycle Florida is your go-to for Pinellas County electronics recycling.